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Limited Lifetime Warranty


B&B Services is pleased to offer limited lifetime warranties to our customers. As loyal patrons to B&B Services, our customers deserve reliable repairs and service they can depend on. We hope to prove our value and commitment to customers and the communities we operate in. Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions under which limited lifetime warranties are recognized:

B&B Services offers a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with the preceding repair. The limited warranty is made exclusively for the benefit of the original customer of the preceding repair, and as such, is non-transferable. This limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturer-related part defects on parts installed by B&B Services as well as the workmanship associated with the preceding repair only, and does not cover supplemental damage. Supplemental damage can be defined as any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, including, but not limited to physical damage or liquid damage to the device. Manufacturer-related defect symptoms may include one or more of the following: a spontaneous or abrupt decline in overall device functionality, touchscreen sensitivity, or LCD performance. Exclusions to this warranty include, but are not limited to, physical and/or liquid damage, game system reflows, batteries, accessories and soldered components. Liquid damage and subsequent physical damage which occurs after a completed repair will void this warranty. Additionally, this warranty is automatically voided in the event of a manufacturer software enhancement that adversely affects the functionality of the phone.  B&B Services reserves the right to resolve any and all disputes concerning this acknowledgment of limited lifetime warranty coverage.

For any other repairs or products sold and not listed, please ask the salesperson for warranty information